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Katalin Albrecht-Nagy was born in Budapest, Hungary. In 1956 she came to Vienna, where she studied dramatics and history of arts. After a brief stay in the US she moved to Munich where she lived from 1984 to 2008. She now lives in Bad Gleichenberg in southern Austria.

She studied with renowned artists like Kurt Steinacher (graphics), Šime Vlahov (watercolors) and Maria Rodero (acrylic). Her works were in expositions in several countries, among them Austria, Hungary, Germany and Italy.

Katalin Albrecht-Nagy approaches the subject of her works in a very considerate manner. It is her goal to expose nature in all its incarnations. Delberately she avoids special effects like exaggerated shapes and strange colors, which are often found in contemporary art. Instead she endeavours to show the beauty and the many aspects of nature, using appropriate techniques to achieve this objective. In this manner she succeeds in raising the artistic and esthetic level of her pictures. This appeals to the viewer and leads to communication between the viewer and her art.

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