Restoration of the historical clock
"Benjamin the Lionhearted"

The clock was found at the flea market in Pfaffenhofen. It was a bit banged up, one could say.

The glass was gone and the brass shield was bent out of shape.

Everything finally came apart.

Lots of crud. It had been home to generations of insects.

The striking mechanism was stuck

The gears driving the hands were dirty but in good shape

Disassembly. The gears come off

The innards. Fortunately nothing broken

Again. Just lots of dirt and rust

The empty box

The box comes apart. Some of the wood is missing.

The gears after cleaning...

...and polishing

Glueing the housing, prior to polishing the bearings

The striking mechanism, refurbished

The escapement, refurbished

The clockwork, refurbished

Up against the wall for a test run...

... in order to get the bugs out...

... which took about a week. Suboptimal photos courtesy of iPhone

Katalin touched up the paint...

...and I found a piece of old, sorry, antique, glass